Do I really need my home inspected annually?

As a homeowner it is understood that continuous maintenances is required. Keeping a manicured lawn, changing filters and keeping a tidy living space is second nature to a homeowner. Where annual inspections are sought after when buying or selling a home they are often neglected once escrow closes. Annual inspections parallel car maintenance. The more often you have your oil changed and tires rotated the fewer problems you run into later therefor, saving you money. Just like cars houses need to be inspected annually. If a termite inspection is scheduled once a year, any potential damage can be rectified long before you decide to sell.

Can I do it myself?
If you are a licensed inspector by the Structural Pest Control Board most definitely, yes. If not, it is best to have a licensed inspector take care of it.

What do termite inspectors even do?
When completing a full inspection of ones home and inspector will look at all areas of the house including substructures and exterior for an evidence of termites, dry rot, plumbing leaks and roof leaks.

So I have to pay $150 a year for a termite inspection?
In short- yes, termite inspections are necessary when selling a home or maintaining the integrity of the home you plan to stay in. Just as one pays for an oil change, a termite inspection is vital when keeping your house safe and up to great standards.