Long Beach
Gas Shut Off Frequently Asked Questions

City of Long Beach Homeowners/Tenants:
According to our fumigation procedure, we will schedule to have your gas shut off on the morning of your tenting. However, it is your responsibility to call the gas company to restore your service. Due to the limited availability of times, we suggest that you contact the City of Long Beach utilities to arrange your restoration two days prior to the actual fumigation. Although you can call to schedule it the day the tent is erected, we do not guarantee that the gas company will be able to restore your service within a 48-hour period. Please be aware that the gas company will not restore service unless you (or your appointed representative) are present to meet them during the hours specified during your call. A *$40.00 fee for all single-family dwellings or single non-residential units will be implemented for gas shut off/restore. In regard to other residences, a *$40.00 charge will be applied for the first housing project, apartment, or other multi-family dwelling with an extra $16.00 for additional unit(s). This cost will be added to your completion and is non-negotiable, as the City of Long Beach charges us this service fee upon scheduling.

* Prices subject to change.
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